Special Needs

Learning support

Early intervention and services for children with special needs, learning differences or who simply need extra help.

CMH is a partnership of experienced, treasured Montessori teachers and multiage communities that enable students to work at a pace that best promotes their learning – at whatever level and timing required.

The Montessori method itself is a result of the experience and discoveries of Dr. Maria Montessori. Upon graduation as one of the first female medical doctors in Italy, Dr. Montessori became interested in the education and training specifically of special needs children. She then designed materials and techniques that allowed these children to work in areas previously considered beyond their capacity. Dr. Montessori’s great triumph came when these children took state examinations along with other typical students – her students excelled in the exam results. She soon found that her multisensory methods and materials appealed to all types of learners, and that all children actually benefitted from learning in impressionistic ways that appealed to the senses.

At CMH, because of the way our teachers interact in a one-on-one setting with each student, strengths and weaknesses are uncovered quickly. We recognize when help or intervention is needed at the earliest signs and put actions or programs in motion immediately to make the greatest impact. Our Montessori-trained teachers are proactive and productive in the education of each child’s academic, social and emotional growth.

We currently provide the following support as needed and determined by CMH:

  • Reading intervention through Orton-Gillingham tutoring
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech language pathology