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A well-rounded education with school specials

Spanish school special at CMH School in Loveland, Ohio

How we seamlessly integrate school specials at CMH.

As a Montessori school, our curriculum promotes achievement in cognitive and academic areas as much as social and behavioral ones. As such, we work diligently to include experiences and add learning opportunities that balance all these goals in an engaging, stimulating way – our school specials. When a vital component of educating the whole child extends beyond math, reading and science, it brings full engagement in complementary activities such as physical education, culture, music and arts.

Our school specials give students deeper access to a fully developed and broad education experience. Most importantly, these specials don’t disrupt the normal Montessori day, they enhance it – scheduled during natural breaks or downtimes so our extended work periods and three-year cycles stay continuous.

Spanish at CMH


Preschool and kindergarten

Pre-primary students attend Spanish class once a week, learning basic vocabulary for colors, numbers, shapes, animals, seasons, family, food and more. Different materials are utilized to teach culture and common usage, such as pictures, small animals, fruits, books and coloring pages – learning songs and singing in Spanish is a favorite.


Lower elementary

Juniors also have Spanish weekly, but practice an advanced level of vocabulary. They work on good pronunciation and begin to learn grammar basics like article and gender usage, adjectives, simple verbs and questions. Lessons also include descriptions and discussion of important celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries to promote awareness and appreciation for Hispanic culture and traditions.


Upper elementary

Seniors attend Spanish weekly, but for an extended time period, from 45 to 90 minutes. They begin verb conjugations, and practice forming complete sentences and reading. They have homework every week, and can use an online program to practice vocabulary games. All seniors are assigned a full Spanish presentation to develop each year.

Where culture happens, naturally.

Music, movement and more

singing circle at CMH School in Loveland, Ohio

Singing Circle has been a part of CMH since the 80s. Each week, the pre-primary children gather in a circle to sing songs with John Phenix, long-time teacher and guitar player. With songs that are favorites or folk or even made-up, Singing Circle teaches numbers, days of the week, continents, planets and more – a time for learning as well as fun.

school specials at CMH School in Loveland, Ohio

For the fall semester, all students participate in music, where they sing, dance, play instruments, learn to read music, and find new ways to enjoy it – culminating in our annual Holiday Concert. Throughout the year, our students enjoy art, exploring the aesthetic elements of technique, formulas, light and more. Budding artists are encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials, from block printing to paper sculpting.

girl reading at CMH School in Loveland, Ohio

Library is an important part of our school. All students visit our library weekly to peruse and check out books. We are dedicated to assisting them in their enjoyment of reading and pursuit of lifelong learning – our library supports the learning goals of each classroom and works to meet the reading interests of all the students.

girl swinging at CMH School in Loveland, Ohio

Physical activity is vital for overall development. Our students engage in dynamic weekly activities to help develop motor skills and offer opportunities for challenge, enjoyment, self-expression and social interaction. We strive to develop positive attitudes toward exercise, focusing on communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, safety and respect for self and others.