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From powerful video overviews to research documents, popular articles and resource materials.

Take a moment to watch the video to the right – quick-hitting, in-depth, informational and entertaining, it’s a clear explanation of the differences between Montessori and traditional approaches to education.

If you’re looking for additional insights, articles and testimonials, the following references provide more on the short- and long-term success of a Montessori education as well as succinct overviews of its advantages.




  • The Montessori Way: An Education for Life by Tim Seldin and Paul Epstein. More than a beautiful coffee table book, this in-depth, easy-to-read explanation of Montessori education is in layperson’s terms, from the early years through secondary school.


  • Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4-14 by Chip Wood. Written with warmth, humor and clear descriptions of child development, a comprehensive, user-friendly reference of developmental traits and charts summarizing physical, social, language and cognitive growth patterns.






  • “Montessori In Action” blogs, where our own educators and staff chronicle real-life stories, examples and benefits of the Montessori experience at CMH.